Samstag, 1. September 2007

Der Alligator ist gefangen !!! (25.08.07)

Hier die Original-Bericht aus der Lokalzeitung über unseren Alligator im 80 Meter entfernten Pond (Teich)

The Tail (sic) of Westfield’s ‘Allie Gator’ at Gregory’s Pond

Sometimes, seemingly little stories capture the imagination and interest of the public. Over the last week, the Westfield alligator at Gregory’s Pond has done just that. We’ve received more calls about the alligator from readers providing information or seeking more information. One reader even noted that the last reported sighting on the government’s website of an alligator in New Jersey was in 1942, at Mindowaskin Pond in Westfield, of all places. With each reported sighting, little “Allie Gator” grew another foot. In a day or so, it had grown to a length as long as five feet. Enterprising youngsters set up a stand at Gregory’s pond selling Gatorade to curiosity seekers. Within a few days, “Allie Gator” had been videotaped,
on television and in the newspapers. Authorities’ initial plans involved letting nature take its course, presuming winter would end the tail (sic). As Allie’s celebrity status grew, authorities too found it fun to get involved. Alas, last Saturday, the Westfield Police Department bravely “yellow taped” the circumference of the pond. Spectators gathered, but were kept at bay, while Fish and Wildlife gents
ventured into the deep. “Allie” was lured from the lily pads and an alert huntsman was able to affix the net. Eyewitnesses recounted the struggle between man and beast – man finally prevailing as “Allie Gator” was extracted from Gregory’s Pond. He was rendered harmless with his jowls taped closed, masking the rows of razor sharp teeth. The monster of the pond was no more, off presumably to sanctuary in warmer climates. Some say the geese rejoiced and returned to the pond the next day.
There have been many tales and tails from the town throughout the years – and a plethora of writers available to embellish. As the monster gator of dimensions perhaps to five feet was measured that day at Gregory’s Pond, the ruler of Allie counted only 30 inches from head to tale (sic).