Samstag, 23. Januar 2010

Übung der Nationalgarde an Lauris Schule

Die folgende email kam gestern von Lauris Schuldirektor. Ich glaub da muß ich am Dienstag auch mal gucken gehen, wenn 1-2 Hubschrauber, ein Sondereinsatzkommando, eine Funkstelle, das Bombenentschärfungskommando, Geländefahrzeuge der Nationalgarde von New Jersey anrücken!

Office of the Principal

January 22, 2010

Dear Parents,

This coming Tuesday, January 26th, the Police and the NJ Air National Guard will be conducting a drill on our baseball field. This Prevention Links Drill will involve the following:

· 1-2 helicopters

· A Swat Team

· A Communications Station

· Bomb Squad

· National Guard HUM-VEES

Dr. D., Board members, and a number of visiting dignitaries will be present at this demonstration and our students are being given the opportunity to witness this, as well.

This demonstration has involved a lot of planning and preparation and the following logistics should be noted:

· Period 2 is extended that day

· Teachers will bring their students out to the track for viewing at approximately 9:45

· After the demonstration, students will be allowed for tour the communication station, HUM-VEES, and helicopter(s)


Stewart C.