Dienstag, 5. Mai 2009


Eben kam diese email von der Schulkrankenschwester. Sie hat wohl mitbekommen, dass einige Schüler das Schreiben zu Hause nicht abgeben wollen und so hat sie es zusätzlich per email verschickt.

Im Anhang macht sie deutlich, dass die Fünftklässler nach Geschlecht getrennt und sehr behutsam aufgeklärt werden. Machen die in Deutschland auch so ein Gedöns darum?

Dear 5th grade parents,

Attached please find a letter that is going home today or tomorrow regarding the upcoming 5th grade puberty lesson which will be held on Thursday and Friday (different classes on different days). I understand that some 5th graders have decided NOT to deliver the letter to your home (they were overheard saying “no way is this going home”…typical for the age group!)

So, it is attached here for you.


School Nurse/Health Educator


Dear 5th Grade Parents,

I am writing to let you know that the lesson about puberty and the process of growing from childhood into adolescence will be taught at the end of this week. The schedule for the health classes is as follows (subject to slight revision if necessary):

    Thursday, May 7: 5B and 5M (girls 1PM and boys 2PM)

    Friday, May 8: 5G and 5D (girls 9:30AM and boys 10:45AM)

5L and 5P (girls 1pm and boys 2pm)

The class will open with a presentation about the process of growing from an infant all the way into adulthood, highlighting the milestones of each stage of development. We will focus on the stage of adolescence and the body’s getting ready for this wonderful time in their lives.

Please be aware that I always take great care to be sensitive to the students’ feelings, recognizing that some might feel embarrassed and/or awkward. I am also sensitive to the varying amounts of knowledge among the students and take the responsibility and privilege of educating them very seriously. As such, the classes will be separated by gender. The video “It’s a Change Thing” provided by Kotex, will be shown to the students and speaks about puberty in general, and then has separate components for the girls and the boys. Each gender will see only their specific section. The videos are contemporary in their student appeal and quite informative. Please be aware that using a product video in NO way endorses or promotes the specific product line. Several brands of products are shown to the female students.

I will be providing booklets to the students, gender-specific, which will reinforce the information covered during the class and video. Please be sure to ask them about what they have learned. The booklets are a good “springboard” to open or continue discussions in your home. If you would like to preview the video with your 5th grader on your own, just give me a call and I will be happy to loan it to you.

Cornus florida rubra

Der hier wächst bei uns im Vorgarten. Auf Deutsch Blumenhartriegel, auf Englisch pink-flowering dogwood (rosa-blühendes Hundeholz, eigentlich soll es wohl "DAGwood" heißen, das bedeutet DOLCHholz, früher wurden Dolche aus dem Holz gemacht, da es so hart ist!). In Deutschland sieht man die Kollegen meist nur im botanischen Garten. Sie brauchen sauren Boden und hohe Luftfeuchtigkeit!