Donnerstag, 18. September 2008


Hab gestern das wöchentliche Infoschreiben per email von der Schule bekommen. Folgenden Beitrag finde ich erwähnenswert:


Although most people find a few geese acceptable, problems develop as local flocks grow and droppings become excessive. Franklin School has now become a grazing area for a local flock of geese. The public health concerns that the geese bring are accumulations of droppings and feathers on play areas and walkways. One effective method to discourage geese from settling on the property is HARRASSMENT BY DOGS. Dogs under strict supervision can safely be used to discourage these geese from making Franklin their feeding grounds. We are asking for your help – if you have a dog that you walk prior to school arrivals (8:00 a.m.) or after school dismissals (3:30 p.m.), we ask that you bring the dog onto school property to chase away the geese. The dog must be closely supervised during this activity and compliance with the local leash laws and curbing laws are still required. Border collies and other breeds with herding instincts tend to work best. Initially, chasing must be done several times a day for several weeks. Geese will not become acclimated to the threat of being chased by dogs. SO LET THE CHASE BEGIN!