Freitag, 12. November 2010

Freitag nachmittag

Typischer Freitag nachmittag
Alexandra und Trixi drinnen

Jack, Marlon, Anthony, ?, William, Connor im Garten


Hab ich gestern bei target gesehen: das orange Weleda Granatapfel Regenerationsöl. Die 3.4 fl oz (Fluid Ounces) entsprechen den guten 100ml und die kosten in Deutschland 10,98€ bis max. 17,45€ und nicht $27.99 =20,43€!

Marlon braucht komplett neue Klamotten!!!

Dear Parents and Guardians:

I feel like time has just flown by these past few months, and we’re already looking towards the holiday season. With that in mind, your children have been putting in so much hard work in preparing for the Winter Chorus and Band Concert. This special night of music will take place on Thursday, December 9 at 7:30pm. The meeting time for Chorus students is 7:00.

The Chorus and Band will also give a daytime concert for our dress rehearsal that same day at 1:00pm. This concert is for Franklin staff and students only. Chorus members are to wear the following attire for this dress rehearsal and for the concert:

Girls: Dress or skirt and blouse, dress shoes.

Boys: Dress pants, dress shirt, tie, dark socks, and dress shoes (no sneakers)

Students may come to school already dressed for the daytime concert unless they have phys ed. in the morning. They may also bring their concert attire to school and change during lunch/recess or go home to change if you typically pick them up at lunch.

Thank you for your help in preparing your son or daughter for this concert, and we look forward to our quickly approaching concert.